Preserving memories in today’s fast paced world is very important. We all love looking back and reminiscing about important periods in our lives: the wonderful euphoria of being with the love of your life; the day you promise to love that person forever in front of family and friends; the amazing adventure you embark upon when you become a parent for the first time and then perhaps watching that family grow with a few perfect little additions… The opportunities for photographs are infinite.

My photography business evolved from my love of capturing my own family’s memories. I want to work hard at growing and evolving this business into something I always remain proud of; something that will deliver high quality photographs to my clients and encourage them to make use of my service whenever they need a photographer. I will endeavour to build a comfortable and open relationship with all my clients, one where both sides will feel at ease making suggestions and working together to deliver the best possible photos.

Venessa Ede

Cell: 083 413 7656

Email: info@venessaedephotography.co.za

Twitter: @VEdePhotography

Facebook: Venessa Ede Photography


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