Baby Shower Fun

It’s always so much fun to capture the special moments at a Baby Shower.

Would you like to book VEP to photograph your baby shower/birthday party/event?

Contact me on 083 413 7656 or or the form below:

BabyShower6Dec-9 BabyShower6Dec-11 BabyShower6Dec-13 BabyShower6Dec-46 BabyShower6Dec-71 BabyShower6Dec-77 BabyShower6Dec-93 BabyShower6Dec-173 BabyShower6Dec-187 BabyShower6Dec-197 BabyShower6Dec-279 BabyShower6Dec-309 BabyShower6Dec-578 BabyShower6Dec-600 BabyShower6Dec-615 BabyShower6Dec-617 BabyShower6Dec-646 BabyShower6Dec-764 BabyShower6Dec-793


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